Inducted 1999 Omega Burden
Omega was born in 1913 in Gordanville,Texas. raised on his dad's ranch called "The Wolf Ranch" in Cedar Mills, Texas.

He was one of seven children in their family, consisting of two brothers and four sisters. Omega was raised with a firm hand by his mom and did chores. Upon leaving home and starting a family of his own. He met Major Franklin in a little place between Whitewright, Tx. and Bells, Tx. and they struck up a friendship that lasted till the end. He did Farming around Trenton for a while then found a better job at Central Freight in Dallas in the early forties.

Sometime in the forties he found a better job in Dennison Texas, working for the Katy Rail Road. It this was the time frame he bought his famous guitar, which Bobby Christman now owns. As best recollection of the price, by his son F.L. Burden, he paid somewhere between $85-$125 for it then and that was a pretty steep price for a guitar back then. He worked for the railroad and was Yard Master when he retired.

There are many stories about Omega but the one no can deny is that he has inspired many a back up guitarist across the state and the nation.