Texas State Championship Division

Contestant Information

The Texas State Championship Fiddlers' Frolics is organized into 5 divisions and will pay over $15,000 in prize money .
Championship Division -- You must be a Texas resident to compete. Over $7,500 in prize money is awarded to the top 20 contestants. 

     The Texas State Championship division features greatly increased prize money , both in our new "Cliff & Velda Fryer Championship Playoff" and  in places below, which we expect will draw even more contestants than in the past. Once again, the Texas State Championship division is open only to Texans, such as, those who hold a current driver license or identification issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

     We want to acquaint past contestants with several changes we have implemented to accommodate the increased number of anticipated contestants: First, the Texas State Championship division will begin at 11:00 AM on Sunday, April 27, 2003, somewhat earlier than past years. If you pre-register by mailing or e-mailing your name and address before Friday, April 25, or if you sign up in person beforehand, we will draw for you if you do not appear in person for drawing of position at 11:00. If you do not appear to play when it is your turn, you will be disqualified.

     Second, the Texas State Championship division, as well as the other divisions,  will have five judges. We will pick up the numeric score from each of five judges after each contestant has played in each round, throw out the high and low score, and enter the remaining three scores into a computer. Using aggregate scores, we will cut the original entrants to twenty. We will then begin a new round, and with cumulative scores, cut those twenty to ten. You will note that we will pay 11th through 20th the same amount of prize money, $125, which is an effort to reduce the need for callbacks; we will not break a tie in places 11 through 20. Then we will begin yet another round, and again, with cumulative scores, cut the top ten to three. Those three will then compete in "Cliff & Velda Fryer Championship Playoff", a round robin, five tune playoff, which, as in the past, will not be cumulatively scored, and will allow contestants to play tunes they had previously played.

     Finally, we are discontinuing our prior practice of ranking and paying prize money to the top three in the round before the "Cliff & Velda Fryer Championship Playoff". Rather, we have greatly increased prize money for that and Fourth through Tenth place in the Texas State Championship division.

     We've also revised and revamped the Jackpot Contest to make it more fun for fiddlers and fans, alike. We hope the following information will acquaint you with most of the substantive changes to the Fiddlers' Frolics, and we hope you will agree that these changes are for the better. Complete rules will be available when we see you in Hallettsville.

Jackpot Contest

(Time Permitting)

    We have reviewed our tune list, added some, deleted some, and ranked them all. Contestants will start this winner-take-all contest drawing tunes that most fiddlers will be able to play. After a few rounds, however, less known tunes will be added to the hat, and the elimination will continue until only one fiddler remains. The winner will need to know lots of tunes, or be very lucky. Complete rules will be available at the sign-up table before the contest begins.