Gone To Texas

Gone To Texas -- A warm Texas welcome to our out-of-state competitiors! Over $5,000 in prize money awarded to the top 10 contestants, with a First Prize of $1,000. 

Our Gone To Texas division, or, GTT, gets it name from the inscriptions left behind on abandoned cabins or on public records when early pioneers left other states for Texas. Those pioneers brought fiddling with them, but when they got here, they developed a new style, different from its roots in Appalachia, Ireland, and Scotland. You can see from the Prize Money that we expect top fiddlers from across the country to demonstrate just how far that Texas style has, in turn, spread beyond the borders of the Great State. The GTT will judge out-of-state fiddlers by the same standards as Texans, without time limits, allowing and expecting them to play tunes completely and in the true Texas character.

  We've also revised and revamped the Jackpot Contest to make it more fun for fiddlers and fans, alike. We hope the following information will acquaint you with most of the substantive changes to the Fiddlers' Frolics, and we hope you will agree that these changes are for the better. Complete rules will be available when we see you in Hallettsville.

Jackpot Contest

     We have reviewed our tune list, added some, deleted some, and ranked them all. Contestants will start this winner-take-all contest drawing tunes that most fiddlers will be able to play. After a few rounds, however, less known tunes will be added to the hat, and the elimination will continue until only one fiddler remains. The winner will need to know lots of tunes, or be very lucky. Complete rules will be available at the sign-up table before the contest begins.